The Legal Service Institute-CLAP adopts a 3-fold approach for securing Human Right. The 3-fold approach revolves round Social Justice, Legal Justice and Natural Justice, which are of paramount consideration for CLAP while pursuing its endeavours. This 3-fold approach is accomplished in the following ways:


Social Justice - by creation of public awareness and education through legal literacy, training and education programmes to enable community to take advantage of law at the grassroots; and by advocating for giving expression to the provisions of various Public Interest Laws having positive bearing on the society bringing the gap between the citizens and governance system.


Legal Justice - by Research, Advocacy and Lobby for enactment of Public Interest Laws and also for changes in the existing anti-human right and defective legislation.


Natural Justice - by giving opportunity to victims of injustice and human right violation to represent in the appropriate forum for establishment of rights and entitlements through legal aid.