The primary objective of the organization is to act as Pro-Bono-Publico where legal wrong or legal injury is caused or apprehended to be caused by reason of violation of constitutional and legal rights and entitlements or when any burden is imposed in contravention of constitutional or legal provisions with or without proper authority of law. The Legal Service Institute-CLAP uses law, legal system and legal process in all of its activities that is called Right-Based Approach. CLAP uses law as a tool for bringing social change. CLAP as a Human Right Organization focuses on establishment of rights and entitlement of its target groups through various constitutional means and follows a strategy, which is named as Legal Intervention Strategy.


Being the law-based advocacy and legal support group, the legal intervention strategy of CLAP largely based on legal services and influencing governance organs through advocacy efforts. In order to make the advocacy effort and legal services evidence-based, vital inputs are provided by research. In a nutshell the strategies consists of Legal Advocacy, Leverage, Research, Education and Training, Legal Service in Court proceedings and Public Interest Negotiation.


The advocacy strategy of CLAP broadly involves the Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Media and Citizen’s Initiatives while the legal support aspect are all about legal aid, legal resource, legal research and capacity building.


The Legal Service Institute-CLAP seeks citizen’s participation in giving expression to laws for social change. It provides public platforms to individuals to share views, which affects the society at large and which relates to public interest. In the year 2007-08, the biggest citizens initiative undertaken was against the child labour system in the nomenclature of Liberated Childhood Movement.