Liberated Childhood Movement


Liberated Childhood Movement (LCM) is an Anti-Slavery and Anti-Restraint People's Movement for realisation of Rights of Children and to respect for Dignity of Children as Persons. LCM seeks popular participation where every adult individual claims ownership in the process of accomplishment of the objectives of Law of the State relating to Children, by virtue of internalisation of fundamental norms contemplated under Law. While discharging the Duty towards Children, every adult individual does so in a Right-Based Approach in adherence to the Laws of the State as a Social Minimum Standard for protection of Best Interest of the Child. Thus, the value of the law receives societal acceptance and sanction of people through popular participation. Such a Collective Responsibility among individuals to bring about an actual change in the lives of children through the use of law, as an instrument of transformation, finally contributes to successful transition of children all across the period of childhood and entails freedom from all forms of exploitation and abuse.

A society where the dignity of every person in their childhood is respected and every child enjoys freedom and liberty to realize their fullest potential being Free from exploitation and abuse.

To free Children from all kinds of Servitude and Wrongful Restraints.

Ensuring popular Participation to claim Ownership in the process of implementation of laws to protect Rights of Children.


  • To facilitate Internalisation of laws relating to children that seeks to prevent slavery and wrongful restraint, among duty bearers.
  • To secure popular participation in the process of enforcement of laws concerning anti-slavery and prevention of wrongful restraint.
  • To enable children to make successful transition all through the childhood in a state of freedom and dignity.

Thematic Focus:

The thematic focus of LCM for next 5 years shall be zeroed on:
A- Complete elimination of child Labour system.
B- Availability and accessibility of Education as an alternative for elimination of Child Labour System.

Strategy: Six Ps…

  • Participation of Duty Bearers to Secure Rights of Children.
  • Protection of Entitlements of Right Holders e.g. Children.
  • Promotion of mass leadership.
  • Public awareness programme.
  • Public interest negotiation.
  • People centred advocacy.


LCM follows an approach that is based on Gandhian principles of Truth, Non-Violence and Satyagraha. They are:

  • Voluntarism
  • Preventive and curative measures
  • Popular Participation
  • Right Based Movement
  • Opportunity Creation


1. Reaching out to children and citizen’s groups.
2. Interface with civil society stakeholders.
3. Membership drive for creation of a band of Satyagrahis.
4. Training and Orientation of Satyagrahis.
5. Supply of IEC materials.
6. Offering Fellowship to selected Satyagrahis.
7. Youth leadership Training.
8. Collaboration with NSS, NCC, NYK and other Youth groups.
9. Networking and Alliance building with like-minded groups.
10. School to school campaign for involvement of children in the movement.
11. Publication and distribution of LCM News Letter.
12. Direct Action Day like rally, public demonstration, picketing, enrolment drive, rescue and rehabilitation, etc.
13. Legal Aid to child victims and their families.
14. Public Interest Negotiation.



For further information:

Liberated Childhood Movement

C/O- Legal Service Institute-CLAP
Bimala Devi Memorial Building,

367, Marakatanagar, Sector-6,
Cuttack-753014, Orissa, India.
Ph. No.: 91-671-2365680/2363980/2364680,

Fax: 91-671-2363454.


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Who can become a LCM Satyagrahi?

The person who abide by the three rules of Liberated Childhood Movement
1  He/She who does not engage child labour in his work.
2  He/She who boycotts the places, organizations, institutions, etc. being served by the child labours.
3  He/She who work for the ‘Right to Education’ for every child and do not engage the child in any harmful condition where hi/hers physical, moral and intellectual development is affected.

Liberated Childhood Movement Brochoure

Liberated Childhood Movement Brochoure