Governance Structure

The organisational structure of the Legal Service Institute-CLAP for purposes of its effective governance is carved out in adherence to the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Rules and Regulations of the Society.


Governance: In accordance with the provisions established under the Bye-law, there exists a General Body with a President as its head, which is the highest policy making body as well as the entire governance of the organisation rests on it. At present there are 13-members comprising the General Body. As a practice new members are either invited or the General Body accepts applications of individuals for membership. The membership is, as a practice, drawn from legal fraternity such as lawyers, law faculty, retired judges, social activists and person having substantial amount of work on Legal Aid and Human Right. The General body meets annually between April-June.


Execution of Policies: Every year the General Body elects an Executive Committee the term of which is one year between June-May for the preceding year.  It is consisting of minimum 7 members and maximum 9-members. At present it consists of 7-members out of which 3 are women. The Executive committee is responsible for enforcement of the policies approved by the General Body. The Executive Committee meets at least 4-times a year for review and executive decisions.


Office Bearers: For regular organizational policy decisions and its enforcement, the Office Bearers consisting of the President, Secretary, Vice-President and Project Coordinator serve the organisation.


Leadership: In order to represent the organisation the General Body confers the leadership of the organisation on the Executive President. The Executive President is the Organizational Executive Head who is responsible for contemplating Policies for the organisation, Planning and providing Leadership.